Far from the best, but still my favourite

I’ve spent who knows how many hours—days, weeks, and months even—of my life thinking about cars, driving cars, watching races, and reading about cars. That’s not to say that I don’t have a personal life or a professional life, but since I was a young boy cars have been my greatest passion and I have spent so much time staying on top of the news about manufacturers, and the business side of the auto industry, and have spent an equal amount of time reading up on technological progress made in the industry: the advances in the machinery and in recent years the important and fascinating shifts being made to renewable, green energies.

It’s essentially undeniable that I cars are one of my biggest passions in life and I adore those top end performance machines, for everything that they represent about human ingenuity and technological progress (and in a more sombre way what they remind us about human’s impact on the planet). Despite all that, my favourite car will always be my first car: a 1986 Saab 900, similar to the one reviewed here.

Saab is (or sadly, was rather) a company that produced great cars. They weren’t the best in performance compared to some top-end Mercedes or something like Porsche or Ferrari of course, but for a mid-range car they were certainly one of the best and I’d put Saab on the same level as Audi, Volvo, or even BMW (though BMW always had dozens of models when Saab usually produced just a couple). This might sound odd to people who aren’t as passionate about cars as I am, but Saab cars always a soul to them. Unlike other cars that were beautiful or more powerful, Saab was quirky and fun, like spending time with a good friend.

My old 900, well out of warranty by the time I bought it at 18, will always have a special place in my heart as it provided the young me with a sense of independence, that any car would have brought, and also a sense of individuality, that specifically my car brought.

People invest so much emotion into inanimate objects like computers or cars or a fishing pole or clothes or whatever one values. While cars remind me of humanity’s ingenuity, that 900 will always remind me of a young version of me, just setting out in the world. And that’s a hard memory to compete with.

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