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The DOs and DON’Ts of professional betting

DO fully utilise all that knowledge and experience you have and those people around you have. This doesn’t just mean you’re understanding of sports, and you should only be betting on sports you understand well. That’s one of the first rules of gambling. However, don’t forget the other factors as well. If you know that one of the players of a team is going through a divorce, factor that in to how it will affect their performance. And you’ll want to factor in any information you might have about the temperature in the venue where your team is playing It’s this kind of knowledge that can be a gamer changer for the gambler and let me have a more (or less) successful approach to sports betting.

DO keep records and track your performance. This is the only way you’ll ever be able to improve and You’ll want to understand why it is that you’re making or losing money, otherwise you wanted be able to do it successfully into the future. Why did the teams you support lose? Why did you except them to win? Were you betting emotionally? Did you not consider the changes in the background management? It’s vital to know what you are doing wrong if you’re going to avoid doing that again in the future. If you want to repeat your results or avoid them you’ll need to understand how you got there.

DON’T get too adventurous when with what you bet on. You really need to be comfortable in the sports you’re betting on. And beyond being comfortable you really need to know about the sport.

DON’T wearing your lucky shirt, or go to your lucky bar or refuse to talk about your winning streak. The truth of the matter is that none of this matters and it’s all superstition. Well, these rituals can be fun they have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the performance of the team or athlete you’re betting on. If you want to indulge in these superstitions for the communal element, then go right ahead but know that it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how comforting you may find these traditions, they shouldn’t have any bearing on how you’re placing your bets.

DO have and abide by a budget. This is a good idea for anyone who doesn’t have seemingly unlimited resources, which is more or less all of us. But this is especially vital when you’re dealing with betting. This will help you enjoy the hobby and not being addicted. It also teaching self-discipline and in gambling the temptation is very high: just one more bet, just one more win and then I’ll stop, I’m so close to recovering my losses, nearly there…DON’T rely on the possibility of a win!

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