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Top Five F1 Drivers of all time!

1. Juan Manuel Fangio. This Argentiean driver scored the most  World Drivers’ Championships five times, meaning that for nearly 50 years he held the title or world’s best Formula One driver, and to this day he still remains in the second position. What makes his wins all the more rare is that he won driving for Ferrai, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo, making him the most prolific successful driver in history. He probably wouldn’t be a name familiar to many readers though as he was born in 1911 and racked up his numerous wins from 1950 to 1958 (with the exception of a one-year hiatus in 1952). Certainly however, he has a definite place in the history books!

2. Alain Prost. Any fan of Formula One in the 80s will certainly remember the name (and exploits!) of this talented driver from Britain. With four Formula One Drivers’ Championship victories to his name he’s still tied in third-place (with Sebastian Vettel) for the record number of wines.

3. Fernando Alonso. Even though he’s only 35, Alonso has nearly 32 of experiencing racing if one considers that at the age of three he began karting races in his hometown of Oviedo in northern Spain. Although he now races for McLaren-Honda when he made his 2001 Formula One debut before moving on to be a test driver for Renault in the next year. With such experience at such a young age it’s no wonder that in 2005 at just 24-years and two-months-old he broke the record to become youngest Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.

4. Christian Fittipaldi. At tens years older than Alonso, Fittipaldi has many boasts to his name. In addition to being an accomplished F1 driver Fittipaldi has also raced for Champ Car and MASCAR. Throughout much of the 1990s, Fittipaldi dominated the F1 scene with appearances in over40 Formula One Grand Prixs events.

5. Lewis Hamilton. At the young age of only 31, it’s astonishing that Hamilton has achieved as much as he already has leading to him being one of the most recognisable names in recent F1 racing time and is up there with his contemporary Michael Schumacher (who could easily be included on this list). In addition to being such a talented driver, he’s also the first black F1 racer. Part of his skill behind the wheel could be how early he began driving. At the age of only 13 he was signed up to Mclaren and Mercedes-Benz training school, the Young Driver Support Programme.

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